Why should COA be studied?
Course Objectives

Important questions:

  • How are computers organized? 
  • How are computers made?
  • How are combinational circuits made?
  • How may we understand the way computers work?
  • How can computers allow many programs running concurrently?
  • What are answers for above questions?

Course Description

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Computer Evolution and Performance"
Chapter 3: A Top-Level View of Computer Function and Interconnection
Chapter 4: Cache Memory
Chapter 5: Internal Memory
Chapter 6: External Memory
Chapter 7: Input/Output
Chapter 8: Operating System Support
Chapter 9 Number Systems
Chapter 10 Computer Arithmetic
Chapter 11:  Digital Logic
Chapter 12: Instruction Sets: Characteristics and Functions
Chapter 13: Instruction Sets: Addressing Modes and Formats,  Assembly Language
Chapter 14: Processor Structure and Function
Chapter 15: Reduced Instruction Set Computers
Chapter 16: Instruction-Level Parallelism and Superscalar Processors
Chapter 17: Parallel Processing
Chapter 18: Multicore Computers
Chapter 19: Control Unit Operation
Chapter 20: Microprogrammed Control